January 19, 2016

Episode #40 Scott Warner When you listen to a great music album, you want more, that’s what it’s like to listen to Scott




Scott is a guy of passion.  He loves music, he loves his dodgers, and more importantly he loves his family.  He is a person that can go on and on a piece of music that affected his life or his thought process and he can make you FEEL why it did.  He wants to bring that passion of music and that feeling of music to you from Gigg.com.  He has a lot of energy and even more passion.  He has a great story and he places himself in situations that allow him to learn and live more efficiently.  Listen for the music and learn from the interview.

Scott’s Bio

Scott Warner is a serial entrepreneur. His portfolio of success covers everything from tech start-ups to restaurants, from online blogging to film. He has a visceral passion for building companies that are innovative, profitable, and viral. A go-getter who never settles for less than the best, Scott has an uncanny ability to build teams who share his same vision.

Currently his endeavors are directed by a life-long love of music and the entertainment industry. As CEO of Gigg Inc, Scott opens doors for true fans of music and aspiring artists through the company’s social media platform. Through Gigg’s talent discovery medium, Scottis able to find the best musicians on the planet. Gigg was named one of the Top Ten Start-ups of 2013 at SXSW by Complex Tech.

He is also the President and marketing genius behind “One Good Thing By Jillee,” a viral blog viewed by over 7 million readers each month from all over the world. His abilities are key to taking these platforms to the next level.

is a partner in Hollow Horse, an entertainment production company, teaming up with the famed Patrick Leonard, an award-winning songwriter/producer. Patrick has written and produced music for some of the biggest names in the industry: Madonna, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi, Jewel, along with many others.

For eleven years Scott helped to build Pinnacle Security, a leading home security provider in North America with annual sales of over $150 million. He quickly became a top sales rep, the company’s top manager, and was appointed Vice President. Scott and his organization generated over 50,000 accounts and more than $100 million in sales during his time at Pinnacle.

has also been an angel investor for twelve businesses—from restaurants to health care products to savvy tech. Scott has always had an interest in discovering and building startups that have true potential.

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