July 28, 2015

Episode #34 KC Kelly With passion and extreme energy KC can fix your phone




KC is extremely fun to watch explain his story of success, hard work, and passion.  His company, iQue repair, has grown exponentially and has developed a solid customer base.  His loyal employees and supportive family have given him the opportunity to expand his company.  He is full of energy and a great story to learn from.  Some have described my energy one of a rocket that burns hot and reaches its mark.

KC’s Bio

I’m a very passionate about the things that I love and dedicate myself to any task I set my mind to.

I hold others in high regard and seek to see their success even in the most difficult of times.

I’m a Christian, a husband, and a father of 3 amazing little girls.

My heart is to be a servant leader.

I am the owner of iQue Repair.

iQue Repair is broken down into 4 divisions. Retail, Repair fulfillment, B2B Sales Division, and our unbeatable extended warranty called the iSmart Protection Plan.

1. Retail – We offer Same Day Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Computer repairs. We offer quality repairs at an affordable price. With over 150,000 device repairs in retail capacity under our belt – we’ve definitely got the experience.

2. Repair Fulfillment – This division consists of repairing device at a volume for schools, businesses and other organizations across the world.

3. B2B Sales – Our team has single-handedly broken into new markets and sold accessories, warranties, and our specialized repairs to thousands of people and merchants.

4. iSmart Warranty – We are among the only warranty company in the world to offer UNLIMITED repairs with the lowest of deductibles at our 2 year price or monthly option. We have sold and are servicing hundreds of thousands of warranties currently.

As acting CEO I ensure quality and excellence in all areas from the ground up.

I am an entrepreneur and a dreamer, but ultimately a doer.

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