January 11, 2016

Episode #39 Drex Davis is creative by nature and entrepreneurial by spirit



Drex is the type of guy you want to listen to just on the off chance you are able to feel some of the magic that is his entrepreneurial spirit.  He is the CEO of Scrapbook.com, co-founder / co-producer of Cinematic Pop, investor in many small businesses, active participant and many political causes, and a graduate from BYU and NYU.   He is highly intelligent and even more highly driven.  Drex has had many ventures, some have failed and some have had success, and he has learned from them all.  As CEO of Scrapbook.com he has taken his experience and knowledge and exemplified in all of his ventures.  Drex has fun in everything he does and is a great example of entrepreneurism.
Drex’s Bio
Drex Davis is the CEO of Scrapbook.com. He attended BYU as an undergraduate student in Philosophy and NYU as a graduate student in business and music. He is well versed in finance, working as a Goldman Sachs analyst in New York. As a serial entrepreneur he has started and invested in many small businesses and experienced both failure and success.  A project that takes much of his time and devotion is Cinematic Pop, which combines pop songs with cinematic orchestra.



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