August 5, 2015

Episdoe #37 Creighton Wong Taking the headache out of the business side of personal training


Creighton & Christina (Edit)

Creighton has a friend that saved his life!  He is a challenged athlete that is missing several body parts, leg and fingers.  His friend helped him achieve his goals, and in return he helped her with the business side of her personal training, i.e. creating a website, billing, setting schedules, etc.  Together they created, a site that sells SaaS to personal trainers to help them manage the business aspect of personal training so that the trainers can focus on their clients.

Creightons Bio

We recognize that the fitness industry is filled with many tremendously creative and innovative trainers and coaches.  However, the difference between success and failure, winning and losing, is the ability to be professional and organized.

Every feature, every detail aspect in was designed to add value to enhance a trainer or coaches professional presence and organization skills which ultimately lead to increased profits and a successful business!


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