July 30, 2015

Episode #35 Ben Buie A Dream and a lot of Ties





Ben is an extremely creative and opportunity driven Entrepreneur.  He is a builder of websites and small businesses.  He has found success through his company MyNiceTie.com where is sells discounted ties; but the success has mostly come from his use of Youtube through the website.  He has studied entrepreneurship through college and graduate school and has successfully built and helped many small businesses.  Ben is a great example of self taught success as well as traditionally taught business principles.

By day, Ben is a freelance web developer and by night he runs a website & YouTube channel called MyNiceTie.
MyNiceTie’s moto is “Buy a Tie, Change the World” and it changes the world by using 20% of necktie revenue to micro-finance entrepreneurs in third world counties. In addition to selling ties, Ben has taught more people how to tie a tie than anyone in the history of the world (thanks YouTube). What started as a how-to video shot in his bedroom has turned into a channel with more than 36 million views and counting.
On a more personal level, Ben is married to a lovely woman and they have 3 energetic boys. He’s also a player of guitar, a devour-er of Reece’s Pieces, an artist who is starving for time to practice, a supporter of freedom and liberty, a fluent speaker of Russian, and a follower of Jesus. Oh, and he makes some mean rolls. :)


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