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Mike Ashmore


Mike Ashmore attended Utah Valley University’s Woodbury School of Business. He is currently an Account Manager at Financial Innovations Group and Owner of The Ashmore Group Inc.. He enjoys building client relations on the golf course. Mike has lived in Utah, Paraguay, Hawaii, Nevada and Georgia.


Mike lives outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and two daughters. He loves spending time with his family. Mike enjoys spending his personal time golfing,  reading biographies and historical non-fiction books, and being in the outdoors. Mike’s personal interests are politics, traveling, building friendships, and helping to build the community.



Chris McKee 


Chris McKee is a graduate of Utah Valley University’s Woodbury School of Business.  He is currently the business manager for Ophir Minerals LLC., managing product development, government relations, and market analysis.  He served a political internship in Senator Orrin Hatch’s office in Washington D.C., working with appropriations committees for education, defense, and energy.

Chris has been married to his wife for 8 years.  They spend their time mainly with their two large Alaskan Malamute dogs.  Chris loves to spend his personal time being active, both physically and mentally, either riding his mountain bike or devoting time to a good book.  Chris’s personal interests include; economics, politics, sports, travel, great humor, good books (particularly biographies), movies, and great friends.